NYPD Busts Ass

Were police really busting a drug ring when it rounded up Mr. Black's colorful crew?

Among the club's clientele, two alleged dealers were busted, both 29-year-old Brooklyn residents: Wajdi Abdelrasoul, for four sales of cocaine in a bathroom stall, and Amir Shaaban, for one sale of crack, according to Maggie Gandasegui of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor's office.

Of the 15 customers who were arrested, 11 were charged with misdemeanors. One person's case has since been dropped, four pleaded guilty (to the reduced charge of disorderly conduct, not possession), and the charges against two others will be dropped due to good behavior.


Happy Birthday, Mr. Black
First anniversary party for the club, its Ass on 01.12.07

Ass You Like It
The finest ass in New York sashays through Mr. Black, 06.06

Butt Seriously
Hanging out with the ass, 06.06

Collins says that Mr. Black first came to the attention of the police when officers were attacked by two people outside the club who were in an altercation in early April. A few weeks later, on April 20, a Mr. Black bouncer committed armed robbery on the club. The police began surveilling the club undercover and observed after-hours sales of alcohol four times and received three complaints regarding drug sales. In the raid, the NYPD collected 55 packages of cocaine, five vials of cocaine, and 16 Ecstasy pills that were either found on the floor or collected from patrons. But as Nero points out, "They came to shut down a drug racket, but there wasn't any drug racket to shut down."

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