I always debate renewing my subscription, but I do it for the cartoons and the occasional good "Reporter at Large" or Seymour Hirsch investigative pieces. I'm still debating whether to renew it next time.

Hugh Giblin
Durham, North Carolina

Musical cheers

Re Allen Barra's 'A Darling of Jazz' [September 12–18]: As an erstwhile music journalist and jazz drummer, it is always nice to hear a shout-out to American culture from some sort of celebrity. Obviously as a boxing buff, you are aware that Archie Moore used to sometimes hire a jazz combo to play while he was training, as he felt it kept him in rhythm and was good for his timing. Your piece on Darling was especially interesting, in part because of how you got him to explicate his emotional interaction with something as complex and initially off-putting as the late Coltrane.

Chip Stern

In his article on Mets broadcaster Ron Darling's enthusiasm for jazz, Allen Barra writes that Darling was "the only Yalie ever to play for the blue and orange." He seems to have forgotten Ken MacKenzie, a member of the Amazins in their inaugural '62 season. Especially amazing is that MacKenzie actually had a winning record (5-4) for that hapless team.

Dave Glenwick

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