Rudy Redux

Will we get another law-and-order mayor who decides on his own what the law is?

The NYCLU wants the stop-and-frisk worksheets for 2006, the first two quarters of 2007, and for any calendar year before 2006 "for which data exists in electronic form."

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is also on the case: "We have expressed our disappointment with the NYPD about their unsatisfactory response in providing the needed data . . . . We will take the appropriate action and get the information we need to conduct the oversight that is mandated by the [City] Charter."

And as Kirsten Danis reported in the August 24 Daily News: "Stop-and-frisks appear to be behind a 66 percent jump in complaints filed with the Civilian Complaint Review Board from 2002 to 2006." But the CCRB itself badly needs oversight—which is now being provided, as I'll detail in future columns, by the NYCLU.

Next week: Is there any hope that the so-called Civilian Complaint Review Board will become an independent agency—and not, as it is now, largely a vassal of Ray Kelly?

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