Megan Taylor
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Is Allen Barra a legit sportswriter? His premise that Notre Dame should schedule lesser opponents would seem to indicate that he is no student of the game. Should the Irish apologize for two 9-3 seasons under Charlie? Should we dismantle our unique brand and end some of college football's classic rivalries from coast to coast? There's no doubt that this current team is struggling, but the people in charge at Notre Dame and the legion of fans aren't quite ready to pull the plug on top-tier football, no matter what the grandstanding Mr. Barra says.

Norm Bower
Davenport, Iowa

Great story! It's good to see New York City embrace Rutgers University as its own. As a lifelong NJ/NY resident, I have always believed that NYCwas a college-football city—when given the chance to be! The Empire State Building lit in scarlet, the Daily News' new Rutgers page every Wednesday, WOR doing RU games, NBC doing RU features, MSG with the shows, RU highlights on the Jumbotron in Times Square—all great stuff! It is here, it is now, and there isn't anything better.

Tom Palisi
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In a review of the film My Name Is Alan and I Paint Pictures, published last week, it was mistakenly asserted that director Johnny Boston had one other film to his credit, a pornographic movie. This was based on a listing on the Internet Movie Database (imdb.com) that credits Boston withHome Wreckers, a film that he tells the Voice he never directed. Boston says he has repeatedly asked IMDb to stop crediting him with the movie, which was directed by someone else using the same name. TheVoice regrets the error.

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