Protecting Police Against Complaints

A new watchdog will have to confront a broken cop-complaint system

"A police officer against whom the CCRB has substantiated a complaint involving excessive force is 70 percent less likely to receive discipline than a police officer with a substantiated complaint that does not involve force." (Emphasis added.) Doesn't this practice actually encourage the continued use of excessive force by those officers?

"In more than one instance," the report says, "the CCRB has documented a troubling pattern of misconduct allegations and forwarded a policy recommendation to the police commissioner—only to fall silent as the police commissioner blatantly disregards the agency's recommendations."

How does the NYPD's chief spokesman, deputy commissioner Paul Browne, respond to the issues raised in the "Mission Failure" report? With these judicious words: "Nothing will appease the NYCLU unless we fire every officer and go back to lawlessness."

Is he speaking for you, Commissioner Kelly?

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