A Fashion Week for Plus Sized Women

Eat This, Skinny Bitches!

I do better wandering around in the plus-size department by myself, where I quickly notice a very zippy silver-and-black Rocawear parka with a mysterious fur collar that may or may not be Asiatic raccoon, which is some kind of dog and actually caused a bit of scandal last year when some manufacturers claimed it was faux fur. (Apparently, real dog is less expensive than fake fur.)

Plus signs: Lee Lee at her boutique
photo: Dynelle Skinner
Plus signs: Lee Lee at her boutique

But happily, no such doggie drama surrounds my find of the afternoon: a gauzy, black-beaded evening wrap that is a ridiculously reasonable $34.99. It won't keep you warm, and you'll have to brave Burlington to find it (hint: It's on the main floor in the plus-size suit department), but it will have all those skinny bitches eating your dust.

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