A Fashion Week for Plus Sized Women

Eat This, Skinny Bitches!

I do better wandering around in the plus-size department by myself, where I quickly notice a very zippy silver-and-black Rocawear parka with a mysterious fur collar that may or may not be Asiatic raccoon, which is some kind of dog and actually caused a bit of scandal last year when some manufacturers claimed it was faux fur. (Apparently, real dog is less expensive than fake fur.)

But happily, no such doggie drama surrounds my find of the afternoon: a gauzy, black-beaded evening wrap that is a ridiculously reasonable $34.99. It won't keep you warm, and you'll have to brave Burlington to find it (hint: It's on the main floor in the plus-size suit department), but it will have all those skinny bitches eating your dust.

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