Dean Johnson's Legacy, Anna Nicole's Lunacy

Devout banter about a very different Bible class, plus sleuthing about Sleuth and ragging on Rita

At Splash, I caught Bearforce1, a Dutch quartet of gay bears who do dumb but vigorous covers of disco songs with Village People–via–Busby Berkeley–type choreography. But weirdly, two of them are sort of thin, and the third isn't exactly Camryn Manheim either. What next—the Olsen twins on The Biggest Loser?

Over at Cuckoo club, a skinny ninny barreled up to stylist Philip Block to say, "I love that you're on TV!" Replied Block, "I love it too. Now keep moving, babe. We got started on the wrong foot." Block then turned to me and conspiratorially related, "He pushed me in the bathroom!"

No one will have to be pushed at Peter Gatien's wildly roomy new Circa club in Toronto. I hear it's a 55,000-square-foot "entertainment complex" weirdly aiming for rich people in a dangerous neighborhood. "Are there 3,000 nightly high-end clubgoers in the greater Toronto area?" wonders a source. "This ain't New York." Still, when Gatien started crying, Virgie-style, at a press conference last week, it was from joy that the place was finally opening, not from fear that he'll have to invite the D-list to fill it up. He's one of the most courageous people I've ever met.


In a cry for justice, Rosie Perez told me for Out magazine that she's the one who got Jennifer Lopez hired on In Living Color back when Rosie was the choreographer. She said J. Lo always gives the credit to Keenan Ivory Wayans, but actually, "Keenan didn't want her because she was overweight and she couldn't dance that well. But I said, 'She's got star quality.' He said, 'Your job depends on this.' " She's been working ever since.

As for her own star quality, Rosie's high-camp medley as wacko chanteuse Googie Gomez (starting with "The sun'll come out mañana") is the apex of the revival of The Ritz, the desperate but funny farce set at a time when the only health hazard at a gay bathhouse was a mafioso in hiding. In another conversation, Rosie told me about the dramatic reactions her role has been getting: "This one woman in the press said, 'Off the record, how do you feel about playing a negative stereotype? You've been one of the pioneers in pushing us forward.' I said, 'But that's how I can do this! Rita Moreno won a Tony for the role! What are you talking about? That's your issues! Then don't see the show! Miss out on the fun! Take your mouth off the floor! Rita Moreno, Tony, Broadway, hello! I'm stepping into the spotlight! Don't try to dim any of it for me. Move! If your wounds are still open from everything we've endured, I can respect that, but mine aren't! I'm reaping the benefits of our struggle! Let's enjoy the successes we've had!' " Hola! Put that in your Living section.


My neurotic little life is centered around the Oscar nominations, and since they're only three and a half months away, I thought I'd tell you what and who will most definitely, undoubtedly, probably, possibly be in the running: No Country For Old Men, Atonement, Gone Baby Gone, Juno, Keira Knightley, Marion Cotillard, Halle Berry, Benicio Del Toro, Javier Bardem, Tommy Lee Jones, Casey Affleck, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Laura Linney, Amy Ryan, Hal Holbrook, Julian Schnabel, Hairspray, and Julie Christie. Any arguments?

And furthermore: Don't care about the nominations, even on the actual day of the announcement? Well, I've got a much more exalted diversion for you. How about checking out this new wikipedia interview with a fabulous celebrity who has no chance whatsoever of being nominated for something as crass as an Oscar—me!

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