CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19):The coming week won't be a favorable time to seek revenge against the thunder for making such loud noises. Nor would it be a good idea for you to curse the sea for being so restless or to angrily punch the sky for being so high or to spread nasty gossip about the wind for refusing to heed your commands. On the other hand, cosmic fortune will bless you if you yourself are like an elemental force that unapologetically obeys the laws of your own nature.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): One morning a few weeks ago, I was sipping tea in a café on San Francisco's Valencia Street. Diving into The New York Times, I found a front-page, above-the-fold story about how San Francisco has become the first American city to offer free or subsidized health care to all adults who don't have medical insurance. My response was a mix of happiness and surprise. I was pleased to learn that my home base had struck such a radical blow for practical compassion. And I was bewildered that I had seen nothing about it in any of the local Bay Area media. You may experience a similar scenario soon, Aquarius. To become aware of a major development that has been occurring close to you, you might have to get help from a distant source.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20):"Dear Rob: I base who I am on how much I have suffered. My identity is wrapped up in all that I don't have but want, the things that have hurt me, and every wrong that has been done to me. The weird thing is, though, that I've actually made a flourishing, creative life for myself. My experiences are far richer and my luck is much greater than my 'poor suffering soul' would like to admit. Any advice? —Successful Yet Gloomy Pisces." Dear Successful: I'm happy to announce that the coming weeks will be an opportune time for you Pisceans to accomplish a big shift in your relationship to your difficult memories. Life will be conspiring to free you from the compulsion to anchor your sense of self in your pain.



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