Re: Dan Savage's "How Much Piss Can You Drink Without Getting Sick?" [October 16]: I haven't read the Voice in a while, but I always used to like the hip commentary, etc. Now the flavor has changed—to piss. What is it? Is New York on some death spiral? Living in a dystopia like the one you write about can't be much fun. Are there really so many ugly, twisted people there that they now constitute your sole readership?

I would suggest you take a long walk in the park and get all that suicide and urine-drinking out of your system. Going for the positive may have gone out of fashion up there. But most people find it to be the preferred flavor for life.

Mike Elvin
Fuquay-Varina, NC


Re Nina Lalli's "The Other Gentrification: New Indian, Japanese in Bed-Stuy" [October 17]: This article is so laden with racism that I was absolutely shocked that it was permitted to be posted. The author refers to the restaurants that she tried as being in Bed-Stuy, when in fact they were in Crown Heights. But perhaps since all of these neighborhoods are the type where ". . . you have to be careful not to run over feral cats at every corner," what's one minority neighborhood versus another? Might as well use the names interchangeably, I guess. Further on in the article, the writer refers to the "whities" eating at the Indian restaurant. At no point does she give the name or address of either of the restaurants she refers to, essentially rendering her article a useless piece of racist journalism. All the author has done is make clear that judgmental snobbery and uninformed bigotry still reign supreme—even at The Village Voice. I hope this was an exception and not the rule.

Julia Travis
via e-mail

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