Lance Bass on Pedophilia

Musto zings tenor and Lance sings bass. Plus gossip hot enough to roast a Friar.

All 18 characters in A Bronx Tale are played by Chazz Palminteri—he's the whole dais—and though I usually want to jump onstage during these one-person shows and scream, "You self-indulgent show-off! Hire some other actors, moron!", this time I was fully entertained, and not just because I'm afraid of him.

An Orlando tale, Out of Sync is the Lance Bass memoir about being both an 'NSync member and a backdoor boy. At a Chip Duckett–hosted bash for the book at Azza, Lance tore up my heart with sincere answers to sassy queries. To wit: Q: Hi, Lance. I know you hate me, but not as much as Perez. A: I love you! Q: Oh, good. Anyway, do you advise other artists like Clay Aiken to come out too? A: I'd advise anyone that's having trouble finding themselves to accept who they are. It's such a better life. It's so hard to lead a double life. Q: I know! Two sets of outfits! But the gay community can be oppressive like everyone else. How did they greet you? A: I got a lot of support and also people saying I wasn't gay enough. I don't even know what that means. Q: That's one complaint I've never gotten. Anyway, when Justin said bye-bye-bye to the band, did you feel like one of the Supremes? A: It's hard to compare. Everyone has their own story. But it was difficult because I wanted to create the last album, go on the last tour, and take it all in. Q: He robbed us both of that opportunity! Are you playing Corny Collins [in Hairspray] as a gay? A: No, he's a borderline pedophile. He's always hitting on the 16-year-old little girls. Q: Maybe he's hiding something? A: Maybe. I haven't dug that deep yet (laughs). Q: Speaking of pedophiles, did Lou Pearlman ever lay a hand on you? A: No, that never happened. I'd never let that happen. He never tried. And I never saw it happen. Q: I'll ask you again in five years. Almost as importantly, why did you break up with your last boyfriend? A: You mean Reichen? Q: No, Pedro. A: That was never like a boyfriend. I was dating him. I figured we were better friends. Q: How sad! What's his number?

Aaanyway, the openly whatever Margaret Cho took a road trip to Sebastian last Thursday to say, "The California fires are so bad that Bush had to go there! They sent that queen? Haven't we suffered enough?" Speaking of natural disasters, I'd leave you with that recipe, but sorry, I lost it in the fire. It's gone!

Perfectly in pop sync: Lance Bass and Debbie Gibson
photo: Elena Dahl
Perfectly in pop sync: Lance Bass and Debbie Gibson


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