There was a sound issue on the night of the 15th, caused by a great act who whispered a three-part harmony in front of an un-mic'd guitar amp turned to 11. This was the artist's choice despite the best advice of our technical staff. But no one remembers the evening the way you wrote about it—not the producers, not the program director, not the technical crew, and not the bands who are scheduled to play here again. Deli Magazine, who produced the night, has since booked other shows with us.

As the white-hot real-estate market evaporates small cultural venues across the city, and as ground-floor opportunity for emerging artists dries up, wouldn't a small moment of journalistic prudence have been well-spent before you tag a small venue as "Best place to fall out of love with a band"? You printed a one-sided story under a reckless banner headline. That isn't what we would have expected from a media outlet as esteemed and culturally important as The Village Voice.

Robert Elmes
Director, Galapagos Art Space

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