SAGITTARIUS [Nov. 22–Dec. 21]
You now have a talent for seeing what has been invisible. You're good at ferreting out secrets and uncovering hidden agendas. In fact, you can generate good fortune for yourself by articulating the confusing truths and unconscious feelings that have been simmering in the shadows. There's another task for which you have an exceptional aptitude, Sagittarius: drawing long-term cycles to a graceful finish. You have the power to bring a climax to meandering dramas that have been resistant to closure; you find resolution where everyone said there could only be messy ambiguity.

CAPRICORN [Dec. 22–Jan. 19]
An atheist won't be elected president of the United States anytime soon; polls show that every other minority is viewed more favorably than the God-is-a-fraud crowd. I think that's a shame. Even though I myself am a big fan of the Creator, I'm sure She loves cynics who don't believe in Her just as much as She loves the most pious worshippers. Furthermore, I suspect that Her good will is sorely tested by the "religious" fanatics who spread hatred in Her name. So what does this have to do with your current horoscope? This: My analysis of the astrological omens suggests that you'd be wise to do as I just did, which is to declare your support for people whose ideas you disagree with.

AQUARIUS [Jan. 20–Feb. 18]
Last week, my STARmeter ranking on the Internet Movie Database (imdb.com) shot up 56 percent. I don't know why—maybe the movie I helped make in the 1990s finally got distributed in Eastern Europe or something. Even if you've never been involved in the motion-picture industry, Aquarius, I'm betting your unofficial STARmeter will soon zoom up too. The astrological omens suggest it may even be time for your 15 minutes of fame. At the very least, you'll find yourself in the spotlight or rising in the popularity polls or gossiped about twice as much as usual.



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PISCES [Feb. 19–March 20]
The Arctic is heating up faster than the rest of the planet. As the ice melts, the far north's oil, natural gas, and diamonds are becoming more accessible to greedy humans. Russia has already planted its flag on the sea floor, hoping to lay claim to territory that has belonged to no one in particular up until now. Canada, America, and Denmark have also become players in this modern land grab. I predict that you will soon be dealing with a situation that has metaphorical resemblances to this development: Frozen assets will become available, and several parties will be caught up in a rush to appropriate them. If you truly believe you'd make best use of those riches, by all means formulate an aggressive action plan immediately.

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