One reason for all the missing mommies could be a misogynist double standard at work. Daddy's reign as top erotic role choice reflects a tendency not only to eroticize the father (and all the things he represents), but to empower him over the mother—the paternal as powerful and seductive, the maternal as meek, less desirable, and desexualized. It's an interesting metaphor in the context of parenting roles in American society: Mommy does all the hard work, and Daddy gets all the glory. Also, when it's a mommy/boy or mommy/girl dynamic, a female person (or persona) is the one in charge—and, for some, dominant women are still far more difficult to embrace than dominant men. There used to be some mommy play, both subtle and overt, on the site of Women Who Administer Punishment (a/k/a WHAP), a magazine dedicated to fem doms and spanking. Interestingly, now that the site no longer exists, it redirects to one called When it comes to female dominants, we seem to be more comfortable with ball-busting bitches than we are with nurturing caretakers. That's the great thing about a mommy: She can be a gentle, loving mentor or a stern spank-you-over-her-knee disciplinarian. Mommy's complex like that. So isn't it about time that Mommy got her moment in the spotlight?

Nina Hartley in Momma Knows Best 3
Courtesy of Red Light District
Nina Hartley in Momma Knows Best 3

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