All Sold Out at CBGB

How much is that mosh pit in the boutique window?

To this day, Harry follows Sprouse's advice about what to wear onstage (she performs next on November 8 at Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza.) "Steve said I should dress simply and monochromatically," she says. "He taught me that makes me look longer—it makes more of a statement." For her upcoming concert, she is considering "a black ballet scoop-neck mini dress, but I might change my mind. I might start out with a trench coat."

Does Harry get over to the Bowery much these days? "I go to Pat Field's sometimes—I love Pat. But I think it's not a romantic place for me anymore. I was a young person coming to New York, and I had my romance with the city at an unusual time. There were so many great opportunities for artists and young people. We could be paupers and still have a great time."

She sighs, recalling the New York of her youth: "It was a bankrupt, garbage-strewn dump."

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