Bridge-and-Tunnel Kids

When city parents choose public schools far afield, what are the consequences?

The one solution that all can agree on is more good schools, so that there's no need to do triage by either geography or parental savvy. Yourke, who is an arts and education instructor by training, is working with P.S.132 to build up its arts program, but wishes there were more support from the Department of Education, especially in schools with clashes of educational and socioeconomic cultures. "There is no process that I know of that the DOE has in order to help implement integration in the schools," she says.

photo: Willie Davis/Veras

Says Kenny, now in her sixth year as a commuting parent, "Would I rather walk across the park every morning than go over the Williamsburg Bridge or through the Midtown Tunnel? Yes." P.S.116, she notes, was a failing school until it set up its gifted and talented program, which brought in resources that benefited the entire school. "It doesn't take a huge group of people, and I would think Williamsburg/Greenpoint would have the population to do that." If you weren't all going to Manhattan? She laughs. "If we weren't going away. It's a Catch-22."

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