How We Delight Our Enemies

A former light unto the world, We, the People, have been darkened by this administration

"This is how my contacts with the United States, a once friendly nation, have evolved."

On the same letters page, Michael Ratner, president of the Center for Constitutional Rights, a leading litigator to restore the Constitution, reminds voters in the next presidential election that "Congress, by its actions and inactions, is the handmaiden of the torture program. . . . Congress, even under the Democrats, has yet to hold even one hearing regarding the responsibility of high administration officials."

Quite simply, the next president will have in his or her hands both the safety of this nation and the future of our individual liberties. And the winner may well have several Supreme Court vacancies to fill. As an atheist, I can't say "God bless America." Instead, it's all up to us.

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