Midwestern Kink

Dry academia—and slightly wetter hotel antics—at an Indy sex conference

The next morning, just before the 9 a.m. sessions, I was headed to hear a paper about, among other things, "teledildonics" (sex toys controlled by computers and software) when I ran into nearly everyone from our dungeon-party adventure. They stood among their colleagues, who gripped small coffee cups and discussed a fundraising auction they'd enjoyed the night before; all my cohorts had rosy glows and slightly devious smiles. I even saw the professor who'd been pinned against the wall lugging her suitcase behind her. I'm not sure which session she was headed to: "A Meta-Analytic Review of Gender Differences in Sexuality"? "Understanding Heterosexual Women's Same-Sex Encounters at College Parties"? I wanted to tell her how beautiful she'd looked surrendering to that man, but we were headed in opposite directions, so we simply exchanged big grins and went on our way.

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