Doom, But Not Gloom

Delightedly running in circles at Japanther's dino-themed "comedic rock opera"

Smoke-blowing animatronic skeleton not pictured
Annie Fischer
Smoke-blowing animatronic skeleton not pictured

After the show, we invited ourselves to the 205 after-party for the PopRally screening of Margot at the Wedding, hoping power duo Noah Baumbach (director) and Jennifer Jason Leigh (actress)—who'd both participated in a panel discussion earlier in the evening at MOMA's preview of the flick—might attend just for the hell of it. They didn't. Neither did anyone else. The audience was remarkably sparse, with people filling out only the cushy couches and chairs; there was virtually no one waiting at the bar to order drinks. Audience members for the screening were chosen by lottery, which I think might have affected the turnout for the party portion of the evening. Maybe it wasn't the type of crowd that wanted to make the trek from the museum to the Lower East Side—or, if they were coming anyway, maybe they didn't want to drink with the specimens they saw at the screening. We hung out downstairs at 205 Tuesdays instead, where residents Justin Miller (DFA) and Jacques Renault (Runaway) spin funk and disco house to a bunch of kids who aren't afraid to dance dirty. Even if we felt old enough to serve as the chaperones, at least they were having fun.

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