It's Only Black Muslims

Has anyone heard Darfur mentioned in the presidential debates? Or in Congress?

That cozy relationship continues to this day. It is not surprising, therefore, that after the House passed a bill authorizing individual American states to divest their assets, including pension funds, from companies doing business with Sudan, and the Senate Banking Committee approved a similar bill by Chris Dodd on October 17, the State Department (as reported by Reuters) urged the Senate to delay the legislation because it "interferes with presidential foreign policy."

So, though we are still on Bush's watch, Frontline reports that during a recent raid on a village in Darfur, a woman appeared "astride one of the Janjaweed camels . . . dressed all in black."

A female villager recounted: "She had a bowl and put it on top of a sack and was drumming on it and singing, 'Let's burn the property of the blacks so they find nothing to eat or drink.' And she was calling on Allah: 'Please provide more bullets.' While she was singing, a helicopter was shooting us from above . . .

"I was carrying my little baby on my back, and they shot him dead. After the child died, they pulled him away and they raped me."

Next week: Can anything be done before the world hears—and then promptly forgets, as it has already done with the Rwandan genocide—about the Sudanese government's final solution to its black Muslim problem?

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