Noise vs. Cancer

Every nascent band Brooklyn spot Goodbye Blue Monday ever booked now has a chance to give back

"What band?" Trimboli asks.

"Oh, the Punks," responds Chavez, clearly without any expectations that Trimboli might recall a band that played his space one night almost two years ago.

"Aw, hell yeah," Trimboli shoots back, recalling details of the group down to the occupation of the drummer's father. "I have a recording of that show on one of my hard drives." This is a man who books four bands a night, seven nights a week. And while some forgettable acts probably don't occupy such specific space in his memory, the fact that many do speaks to his earlier claim that at GBM, fans are there to really listen to the music. So's the owner.

Yva Las Vegas, helping Steve Trimboli pay the bills
Annie Fischer
Yva Las Vegas, helping Steve Trimboli pay the bills

When I ask Trimboli when he might see the fruits of everyone's efforts, he waves off the question. "I'm just tickled pink that anyone thought about doing it," he says. "I don't expect anything. I've done the best I could. And if it's meant to be, something good will happen."

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