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Sagittarius: Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

It’s a short interlude and not necessarily a sweet one; however, the attraction of opposites, between alluring Venus in your sign and passionate Mars in your Gemini marriage house, over the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend is not to be missed. No matter where you’re spending the holiday, be on the lookout for an Aries or a Scorpio with the gift of gab and something to read. Remember: your luxury-loving Jupiter ruler spends 2008 in your Capricorn money house, plus Pluto’s arrival could transform your financial profile forever.

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Capricorn: Dec. 22 - Jan. 20

What began in October when militant Mars first entered your Cancer house of allies and antagonists continues to demand your attention until Mars moves on to Leo around Mother’s Day. Since this seven-month trip through your marriage house won’t occur again, try to resolve as many of the issues Mars activated as possible. Talk them out with your lawyers, agents, business partners and past and present spouses. But while Mercury is retrograde in your Aquarius house of assets next month, postpone signing any agreement.

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Aquarius: Jan. 21 - Feb. 18

Not a whole lot changes this year. Imaginative Neptune in your sign continues to inspire or deceive you, before taking a retrograde break from Memorial Day to Halloween. And your inventive, but erratic Uranus ruler continues to float through your Pisces house of assets and values, at times disrupting your money stream, other times increasing the flow. However, 2008 could well be your year of karma cleaning. The many benefits Jupiter in Capricorn bestows get filtered through your 12th house of dreams and cosmic consciousness. Take notes.

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Pisces: Feb. 19 - Mar. 19

The complicated dance Fish are doing with the Water Bearer continues to enchant you both. Magic happens in public places in the spring, very much in private in the fall. During summer you take a well-deserved break. Saturn in your Virgo marriage house insists that couples get serious about their commitment to each other and the institution itself. Business partners clean house and organize their efforts more effectively. March is ideal for intense romantic and creative activity. A happier Happy Birthday!

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