5 Steps to a Better View

Resolutions to improve NYC film culture in 2008

Please. The top 10 list is perhaps the ultimate cancer on contemporary film, a backslapping orgy of hype that prizes propriety and capsule-sized cleverness over any sort of art, revelation, or insight. I'm told it's all in fun, in the spirit of discussion. Fair enough; let's discuss how loyal readers (in whose service these lists are ostensibly assembled) are forced to endure yet a thousand preening interpretations of predictable, studio-positioned prestige releases while scores of glowingly reviewed films they may have missed earlier in the year languish, relegated to some shadowy second tier of also-rans.

Whatever—as long as the listmaker has the most profound final word (or blurb) about Eastern Promises, his or her job is done. Are you having fun yet?

S.T. VanAirsdale is the editor ofthe Reeler,

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