The Comedy of Power

Yes, yes, we know. This was the YEAR OF APATOW. Beg to differ?

Judd Apatow
photo: Suzanne Hanover
Judd Apatow


2007 Village Voice/LA Weekly Film Poll
The results, the ballots, the critics

But the beat goes on. A brutal record of prime-time failures might've once made it tempting to identify Apatow with his hard-luck characters (and certainly every magazine profile this year connected those dots), but if the guy was barely broke before, he's stanky rich now, and no industry outsider—the august Entertainment Weekly even decreed him "The Smartest Person in Hollywood." In the short space of time since his professional luck turned, he's adapted beautifully to the self-branding game, with the phony-casual "From the Guy Who Brought You... " tag on each new film's one-sheet transferring momentum from one project to the next nicely. "We shot six movies this year alone," he enthused to Time, now the beaming mogul of a full-fledged comic industry. There's not much to do but wait.

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