Waterboarding the White House

Echoes of Watergate in the twilight of the Bush presidency

On another note, I'm grateful for the attention in this current issue to my 50 years at the Voice. I have remained here this long because no one—editor or owner—has told me what I could or could not write. As for my ever retiring, my view is that of Duke Ellington. He and his orchestra often made long, arduous overnight trips for gigs—from Toronto, say, to Dallas. Seeing him look very tired one day, I told him: "You don't have to keep doing this. You can retire on your ASCAP income from all the hits you've written."

Duke looked at me as if I'd just hit a very bad note. "Retire?" he said. "Retire to what?"

As long as it's up to me, I'm not leaving the Voice.

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