Who Built Rudy's House in the Hamptons?

Giuliani's contractor might not have had a 'hire standard' on illegal labor

A Farrell subcontractor who worked on Giuliani's house said that undocumented workers were employed there. "Yeah, what's the problem?" he said, refusing to identify himself. "All the work was done before [Giuliani] bought it. I think you're digging somewhere you don't want to go." (He later called back and said he wasn't sure there were illegals on the job.) Farrell made a similar argument: He said the house was built on spec and that Giuliani didn't buy it until three months after it was finished—suggesting that even if illegals were used, the former mayor wasn't involved at the time. Aside from the inconsistency of this assertion with the instruction that he claims to have received from either Giuliani or Huvane ("Joe, only hire U.S. citizens"), Farrell doesn't dispute that he has continued to work on the house after he and Giuliani went to contract; he even stipulated that "if the paint cracks" or any other work is needed to this day, "no one is allowed to work on it but us." It's also unclear how much work was done on the house after Giuliani agreed to buy it. The project manager, Richard, told us that Giuliani decided to buy the house when it was "three-quarters done." Farrell tries to minimize the "additions" that were announced at the time of the sale for promotional purposes, insisting that the house was "bought completely finished"— without defining whether "bought" is a reference to the December closing. He concedes that he put the cigar room in "as a gift to Rudy" and insists the gym consisted of equipment that Giuliani had purchased.


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Farrell says that Giuliani first came to him "a year and a half to two years" before he bought the house, inquiring about a possible purchase. Farrell says he got to know Giuliani by driving him around to other sites, and that Giuliani worked his way up from the $1 million price range to the $3.2 million that he ultimately paid. That kind of protracted contact gave Giuliani plenty of opportunity to make the same sort of observations about Farrell's workforce as the The Voice did over the course of a couple of weeks.

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