As If Stranger: Seeing in the Dark

A super-smart choreographer dances amid shards of meaning

Just before the end of this amazing creation, a jerky, slight blurred video materializes—its homemade-looking clumsiness at variance with its technical wizardry. In it, Siegal, miniaturized and visible only from the waist up, appears to be jerkily molding letters out of some substance we can’t see. We read them with difficulty as they ooze up—crooked and of different sizes— in front of him. When each few words are completed, he lifts them as if they’re on a tray, and they float higher to make room for those to come. This is what he has written: “Throw not away the hero in your soul.” A thought in the process of shedding ambiguity. When 55 minutes are up, Siegal matter-of-factly picks up two joined cables and unplugs them. The lights go out.

Sometimes darkness reveals as much as it conceals, and being “in the dark” brings us to the brink of knowledge.

Richard Siegal’s As If Stranger
Silvio Dittrich
Richard Siegal’s As If Stranger


Richard Siegal/The Bakery
Danspace at Saint Markís Church
January 17 through 19

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