Who Truly Feels It All?

Feist overshadows the subversive sirens blaring down South

A paragon for our Age of Accessible Hotness
photo: Marry Rozzi
A paragon for our Age of Accessible Hotness

Underwood's got company in Sugarland's "Stay," powered by Ms. Nettles, possessor of the biggest, most nuanced voice in country music—it emboldens this song that captures a mistress's evolution from cowering to indignation. This is a fuck-you that's raw, accessible, affecting, and smart—and it captures more emotions in four minutes than Feist musters in 50. And while these moments are complex and frictive, they're likely subversive, too. This kind of stuff means much more in an environment generally hostile to feminism and female empowerment than when it's just preached to the converted. But on the other hand, listening to Feist, it's unclear whether the converted are truly so.

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