Why We Love Justice (and Shouldn't)

The perils of hyping dance music you can't really dance to

Here they are, your dance-music saviors.
photo: Marco Dos Santos
Here they are, your dance-music saviors.

Hell, even that large and underreported-on type that loves dance music had a good year. Dennis Ferrer deployed world-beating single after world-beating single from The World As I See It; Dutch boy Tiësto released a new album and sold out arenas; and David Guetta spun at New York City's own Cielo on Thanksgiving and reportedly was "pawed" by the clientele. Of course, me being a dance-music lover and you being a dance- music lover, neither of us was actually there to see—or hear—any of that. Somehow, I don't think either of us is ready to do things, like, you know, um . . . dance. Maybe next year?

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