Why the Giants Shouldn't Be in the Super Bowl and Ways They Can Win It

If the Favre treatment doesn't stop Brady, maybe Jessica Simpson could?

In short, when Eli is throwing like CNN reports on Britney Spears—early and often—the Giants are a different team.

Give Brady the Favre Treatment. The Giants' defense got tough when Steve Spagnuolo's philosophy kicked in. Spagnuolo, the former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker coach, was famous for devising tactics that smothered Brett Favre; you saw some of them at work in Green Bay during the championship game. Hugh Douglas, former Eagles lineman and now-radio-talk-show host, calls Spagnuolo "a genius at devising blitzes. The key to beating Brady is to put the pressure on. A lot of teams rush four guys at him and get nowhere because their blitz is easy to read. Spagnuolo disguises his blitz packages. He might send four men at you, but one of them might be an outside linebacker and another a defensive back—and they might come from different sides or from the same side, you never know." With Spagnuolo calling the shots, the Giants led the league in sacks with 53.

No one thinks it's going to be easy, but these new Giants have the tools and the 'tude to end Boston's sports domination of New York. And, at last, they have their fans behind them too. But just to tilt the odds a little more in our favor, does anyone have Jessica Simpson's phone number?

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