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SAGITTARIUS [Nov. 22–Dec. 21]
The world's record for skipping stones across the water belongs to Russel Byars. In July 2007, he threw a stone that bounced along the surface of the Allegheny River 51 times before it sank. If that mark is destined to be broken, it may be done by a Sagittarius in the coming week. You'll have a knack for getting things to do what they supposedly can't, even to the point of seeming to violate the law of gravity. You'll be at the peak of your ability to perform amusing tricks, pull off good mischief, and accomplish odd little miracles.

CAPRICORN [Dec. 22–Jan. 19]
After studying your planetary aspects, I got on my bicycle and took a vow to scour the world for an omen that would embody their meaning. Within a few minutes, I found the oracle I'd been looking for: a carport with grass growing on the roof. Here are two interpretations of this omen: 1) It's now possible for something to grow in a place that you thought was barren and/or over your head. 2) Fertility will abound in a high place that isn't usually hospitable to sprouting seeds.

AQUARIUS [January 20–February 18]
"To be young, really young, takes a very long time," said Picasso. I agree—it's not easy to hone your ability to see the world afresh over and over again. To cultivate an ingenious and fully awakened innocence, you have to continually shed your temptation to rely on habitual responses, never ceasing from the effort to greet every experience with a beginner's mind. This playful approach to life goes against the grain of every religious teaching, every political system, and every ideology, which means that only the fiercest individualists with a highly developed sense of self can summon the courage to do it. It so happens, Aquarius, that you're now primed to make rapid progress in this noble undertaking.



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PISCES [Feb. 19–March 20]
Whether or not you're a Catholic, I recommend a good stiff dose of confession for you. It's the most effective action you can take to clear out your psychic congestion and prepare the way for an influx of cathartic realizations. So find someone who won't judge you for your so-called sins, and tell him or her about things you've done in the past year that make you feel squeamish or guilty. If there is no such person, confess to a beloved animal, a favorite tree, a passing cloud, or the morning sun.

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