‘What Candidate Are You Wearing?’

Taking the political pulse in the corridors of fashion.

But perhaps the electoral—and sartorial—preferences of the fashion crowd come most sharply into focus when I steal a few minutes with Patrick McMullan and his son Liam before the show begins. Patrick, a Clinton supporter, is maybe the most celebrated party photographer in the city, the country—even the world!—and is wearing a very traditional Calvin Klein suit. When I ask him rudely if he paid for it, he rolls his eyes and says, "Oh, I paid—I paid for it in work."

And what does his 20-year-old son, who has a sweet demeanor and a wild halo of hair, do for a living? Is he a student? A model? Liam looks a little uncertain, then says, "A writer, I guess. I do whatever—I'm a Renaissance boy." Tonight, the Renaissance boy is clad in a sweatshirt inscribed "Hide the Drugs," made by some friends of his.

illustration: Ali Douglass

"I like Obama," Liam tells me as the house lights dim and the first model of the first show of Fashion Week sashays down the runway. "He promises a lot."

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