Cybersex Sounds Hot—But What If I Get Addicted?

Nervous nellies, ignored spouses, and sore genitals alike wonder, “What if the web-booty never stops?”

It was actually thanks to Fred’s “sexless” girlfriend that he eventually got ever his addiction. “She would forbid me to use the computer,” he says, “real distrustful, paranoid stuff.” Still, having time away from the internet helped him move on.

These days, Fred has a different girlfriend, and his years of non-stop cybering are in the past. “I’m in a very healthy relationship now that allows me to meet all my needs,” he says. “I have cybersex sometimes for fun, but I’m definitely not addicted.” Even Dr. Young attests, cybersex is “a normal and healthy aspect of learning about one’s sexuality. It’s when it “consumes you… when it interferes with life,” that it becomes an addiction.

So don’t worry, Worried. Cybersex addiction doesn’t swoop down from the skies in mass numbers, like some sort of online epidemic. Stay in control of yourself, and your chance of addiction are rare. And remember, there's always regular old porn!


Heroine Sheik
Bonnie Ruberg's blog about sex, tech, gender, and videogames

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