The Fabolous Life

Hanging with a rapper who has close ties to his home. Maybe too close.

Parker himself, the former hip-hop cop, says Fabolous may be getting a bad rap for things beyond his control. "So many of these guys get around, and they get to know people, and they also become intimidating to where they will intimidate their way into the party. Fab is taking a bad hit—he's good guy—but when you hang out with certain people, you're being watched. The people he runs with are no angels. There are a lot of people in his crew who have to pay for crimes they've done, and that means jail time."

Fabolous, meanwhile, says his celebrity friends tell him they don't blame him for what's going on. "I know them, and they know it's untrue, so there's nothing for me to worry about. This thing was kind of sensationalized."

Over time, he says, his reaction to it has changed. "It was never funny, but it was like, 'Wow!' Then, after a while, it was like: 'OK, you guys are laying it on kind of thick,' " he says, referring to the hip-hop cops, who he wishes wouldn't consider him such a prize. "To me, some of these police units, they need something to keep them going. If they don't have hip-hop juice—leads or whatever—I'm sure they wouldn't exist.

Chad Griffith

"If any of this stuff was true," he adds, "I'm sure something would be done about it."

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