The Long Swab of the Law

If Bloomberg doesn’t run for the Oval Office, he’d fit in at the FBI

As for Bloomberg's proposal to collect DNA on this city's streets, his criminal-justice coordinator, John Feinblatt, told The New York Times 's Al Baker (January 19) that there's nothing for the innocents among us to worry about: "Very little training [is] needed for police officers to do the swabbing." And at the state police crime lab in Albany, "a huge statewide apparatus" has been handling the ever-increasing DNA caseload for years.

It's safe and simple, he added, to prevent "homicides and rapes and robberies and burglaries . . . the kinds of cases where most commonly you find DNA evidence."

Eventually, there ought to be a statue of this formidable mayor—with a swab in his outstretched hand!

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