Michel Gondry Celebrates the Bygone Days of VHS

Caught on tape: the best of do-it-yourself indie culture in Be Kind Rewind

The latest episode of Project Runway
Abbot Genser/New Line Cinema
The latest episode of Project Runway


Be Kind Rewind
Written and directed by Michel Gondry, New Line Cinema, opens February 22

That's easier said than done. Gondry's fable ends with all Passaic united in shared wonder, transfixed by the spectacle of their collectively produced movie (or, more clinically, the realization of their shared fantasy). Such sentimentality might sound egregiously Spielbergistic, but Gondry strikes another chord: This illusion is an illusion. The studio that Jerry built is about to be demolished, and the music dubbed over the shot is Duke Ellington's plaintive "(In My) Solitude."

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