President Bloomberg? Not This Bad Apple

Mayor Mike should get more heat for teaching kids to fear the police

Donna Lieberman's entirely rational response: "This incident demonstrates the urgent need for oversight of police practices in the schools."

In "Criminalizing the Classroom," the NYCLU gave a much-needed educational lesson to Bloomberg, Kelly, and Klein: "In the Los Angeles United School District, the Miami-Dade Public Schools, and the Clark County School District in Nevada—respectively, the second, fourth and sixth largest school districts in the country—the school police departments report to and are supervised by educators. . . .

"New York is alone [among America's largest school districts] in placing schools personnel [the NYPD and its SSAs] who are neither responsible to the educational bureaucracy nor specifically trained to 'educate, counsel and protect our school communities.' " (Emphasis added).

Next week: What can, should, and must be done to rein in the Bloomberg-Klein-Kelly gang, as spelled out in the NYCLU's School Safety Act, which was submitted by the NYCLU and a consortium of local and national organizations to the City Council last October.

As yet, there have been no hearings on this acutely needed legislation, because no member of the City Council has introduced it. Is the people's voice, Christine Quinn, no longer the formidable Speaker of the Council?

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