My Wife Keeps Me in a Chastity Belt For Months at a Time

 Q: I am 20 years old, and my boyfriend is 30. He's been married three times and has six children from a variety of women. I know, I know, it sounds bad. But he's one of those guys who wanted a family. Anyway, to make a long story short, I feel insecure because he has had a million experiences and I have not. So I asked him to take his porn off our computer. He did so.

When I came home today and sat at the computer, I noticed there was lubricant next to the keyboard. I thought to myself, "That's not where I saw you last." I looked at his folders (I know: violation of privacy), and I didn't see any porn. So I went to the Internet browser to look at the history, and guess what? It had all been deleted. I know his computer is not set to automatic history clearance, so he had to clear it manually.

Can I be a bitch and ask him about this? "I noticed that you deleted your history—and what is the lube doing here?" Or should I let it drop? I know it's unrealistic to expect him never to masturbate. I just don't want him looking at other girls while he does. My bitchy side is just roaring to get out. Help! —Keep The Bitch Caged

What we have here, KTBC, is a failure to correctly diagnose the problem.

Why is this 30-year-old, thrice-married, six-times-a-father guy with you? Because men like your boyfriend prefer to date pathetic, inexperienced 20-year-olds because they're foolish enough—you are foolish enough—to swallow his bullshit ("I'm one of those guys who always wanted a family") and regurgitate it on cue ("He's one of those guys who always wanted a family"). Someone who wants a family doesn't start and destroy three of them before the age of 30. Those aren't the actions of an aspiring family man, little miss, those are the actions of a sociopath.

As for his masturbatory habits, KTBC, as I see it, the more of his supercharged spunk that winds up in dirty T-shirts and crusty socks, the better. Married three times, six kids by a variety of women, and a 20-year-old girlfriend who, due to her youth and inexperience, fails to see his marital and reproductive histories for the relationship-ending deal breakers they ought to be, and who sends advice columnists letters about his porn use instead of, say, the most effective possible forms of birth control available to her—once again, KTBC, the more of his spunk that winds up in the laundry, and not in you, the better.

Dump him. DTMFA. And find a new boyfriend—not one who never masturbates, as that man doesn't exist. All men masturbate (most women do, all should), all men look at porn (many women do, more should), and all women need to get over the porn and masturbation thing. If you want a male in your life who you can order never to look at porn or masturbate—or if you want a male you can castrate—get a dog.

Just before I married, I got a CB-2000 male chastity device and gave it to my wife as a joke Christmas present. She had previous mates fool around on her and I wanted to let her know I was serious.

We played with it some, and a year later she got me a CB-3000. Soon, she was keeping me in it for a week at a time. Now, she keeps me in it for a month at a time. While I have adjusted to this, I miss being able to masturbate when I want to. I have tried to talk her into allowing me to be free again and she refuses. It's not that she's afraid I will fool around, but she believes that I'm more attentive, caring, and loving when kept in this condition. Is it becoming more common for wives to keep their husbands in chastity? —Lost Over Cock Kept Erotically Denied

No, LOCKED, it's not. Unfortunately, bullshit letters are all too common.

So you bought an expensive male chastity device as a gag gift—those CB-2000s start at $150—because, hey, there's nothing a woman with adultery issues wants more at Christmas than a gag gift that plays on her fears and insecurities. You must be a gas at funerals, LOCKED. And now your wife keeps your dick locked up for a month at a time. Against your will. And you're powerless to do anything about it. Uh-huh.

If your wife keeps you in chastity—if you have a wife—it's because being locked up in a CB-3000 turns you on. Like most male-chastity fetishists, you find the scenario more exciting if it's something your wife does to you, not something you have to beg the wife to do, but you can't expect the rest of us to play along. If you want to see your fetish discussed in Savage Love, just be honest. Send me a letter that says, "Write about the freaky shit that turns me on!" But don't make up some bullshit scenario.

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This is horrible! The person or should I say gay-bashing in the closet so much finding his own Christmas presents,  who is answering the post is the most horrible condescending idiot I have ever meet. I was browsing posts like these and who knows if that one guy has a wife or not? Who cares! He trusted you and that was his mistake. But, for the gay gentleman there is actually things that do work. Try ice with anal. Whenever your boyfriend seems to be close use it for a few seconds. This is called operational conditioning and it works! I am a transgender male who has a wife. (I dont care what this idiot has to say about that) The important thing is I used to have a problem with early ejaculation when she used a strap on. This worked because like the psychology study of 'Pavlov's dogs,' I began to associate early ejaculation with bitter cold and took only a few times. If that is too much trouble maybe you should pull out every 30 seconds and mention the reason for this during sex. This will heighten the mood and also keep him wanting to please you as a top. 

Good Luck with your adventures :) and be safe and who ever answering the post 2 things:

-spell check (it's not rocket science and is insulting to the reader

-If you have anything to comment to people first be educated and don't use Ad Hominem attacks it just shows how much as a tool you are!

Oh and one last thing:

the anagrams only work with actual words and not some made up garbage you created in your moms basement. Here is a good one for you "NA" or "AA." And if you can not move out of your house being too fat by trolling the internet here is another one:

take AAA and tow your fat ass off the sticky chair and go get a job!

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