Oh, and KTBC? You have options besides a castrated dog: Dump the motherfucker you're with, go to the message boards at www.malechastityforum.com, and you'll find guys whose ultimate fantasy is being with a woman so insecure, or so controlling, that she wants to keep his cock under lock and key.

I am a 25-year-old gay man. I love sex. So does my boyfriend. The problem is that my boyfriend ejaculates prematurely when he bottoms. When he tops, he can hump me all day, and it's awesome—but when I stick it in his ass, we only have about 60 seconds before he ejaculates. He does not jack off while he bottoms, and I have never seen anything like it. The first time it happened, of course, I felt like a hot stud. After the fifth time, I was wishing the ride lasted longer. Sixty seconds just isn't enough time to fully enjoy the awesomeness that is butt sex. I asked him about it and he said that this quick splooge has always happened when he bottoms, and he doesn't think there is anything he can do. (So much for feeling like a stud.)

Is there anything we can do to prolong the fuck? He never ejaculates so quickly otherwise. I am in love, he gives a great blowjob, and I'll stay with him no matter what. But if you have any suggestions . . . —Timed Out Man

Just one: After your boyfriend comes, leave your dick in his ass. Stop fucking, stay very still, and concentrate on keeping your erection. After a minute or two, once the boyfriend's orgasmic contractions have subsided, slowly start fucking him again. He'll have to breathe deep, concentrate on relaxing, and, yes, give it up for you, suffer a bit, take it like the bottom bitch he is (at that moment, not all the time), etc.

It's the only way you'll ever get to spend more than 60 seconds fucking his ass—he's got a hair-trigger (or cock-trigger) prostate, and always will. Your only option for a nice, long, leisurely fuck, TOM, is to keep fucking him after he comes, when the pleasure is drained—quite literally—out of the action for him.


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This is horrible! The person or should I say gay-bashing in the closet so much finding his own Christmas presents,  who is answering the post is the most horrible condescending idiot I have ever meet. I was browsing posts like these and who knows if that one guy has a wife or not? Who cares! He trusted you and that was his mistake. But, for the gay gentleman there is actually things that do work. Try ice with anal. Whenever your boyfriend seems to be close use it for a few seconds. This is called operational conditioning and it works! I am a transgender male who has a wife. (I dont care what this idiot has to say about that) The important thing is I used to have a problem with early ejaculation when she used a strap on. This worked because like the psychology study of 'Pavlov's dogs,' I began to associate early ejaculation with bitter cold and took only a few times. If that is too much trouble maybe you should pull out every 30 seconds and mention the reason for this during sex. This will heighten the mood and also keep him wanting to please you as a top. 

Good Luck with your adventures :) and be safe and who ever answering the post 2 things:

-spell check (it's not rocket science and is insulting to the reader

-If you have anything to comment to people first be educated and don't use Ad Hominem attacks it just shows how much as a tool you are!

Oh and one last thing:

the anagrams only work with actual words and not some made up garbage you created in your moms basement. Here is a good one for you "NA" or "AA." And if you can not move out of your house being too fat by trolling the internet here is another one:

take AAA and tow your fat ass off the sticky chair and go get a job!