Yes, Dave Grohl Can Rock the Garden

The Foo Fighters continue their inexplicable bid to be the last band standing

Jovial, profane, hirsute
Willie Davis
Jovial, profane, hirsute

We generally look to these dudes for more uplifting sentiments. And Grohl delivers, after horsing around with a video camera backstage, stoking the throng's bloodthirsty calls for an encore. One song? (Boooo.) Two songs? (Boooo.) Three songs? (BOOOOO.) Fine, four. (The encore is three songs long.) But I'll forgive an arena-rock show anything if it delivers a killer closer, and "Best of You" is the Foo Fighters' contribution to the pantheon, the apex of their sports-highlight rock, graced with just a touch more pathos, uncertainty, desperation. Put it this way: Prince could've played "When Doves Cry" at last year's Super Bowl halftime show, and he opted for "Best of You" instead, and this is in fact not entirely illogical. The teeming MSG masses clearly agree, screaming the song's climactic whoa's right along with Dave, an honest-to-god U2 moment, howling along with an eminently likable guy filling a rock-star vacuum that gets bigger and emptier every day, the affable pilot of what may still one day be Everybody's Favorite Band, even if that's only because there aren't any other bands left.

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