Yanira Castro + Company: Dream, Baby, Dream

This space is whatever you think it is, for now


Yanira Castro + Company
Dance Theater Workshop
February 27 through March 1

There’s a very important postlude. After Cheng, Miller, Olson, and Poulson have exited, a woman (Ashley Steele) walks into view. She’s naked and seven-months pregnant. With her eyes almost closed, somnolent at first, she moves this heavy, metamorphosing body slowly. After a while, though, she’s undulating faster, whipping herself around. Without traveling much in space, she creates such a vortex of energy that you can imagine it bringing on labor. But she also conveys a heightened vision of the fetus and what it may feel as it lurches in its safe container, changing daily. Eventually she lies down to sleep on a high platform, and although she’s still bathed in golden light, we walk up the stairs and out of the dream.

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