Spring Theater Preview: The Sound and the Fury, An Idiot's Tale

ERS follows up Fitzgerald with Faulkner

When John Kani and Winston Ntshona, who created the piece with Athol Fugard, first performed this play in 1972, they were jailed. Long since freed and very much alive, Kani, Ntshona, and Fugard will revive Sizwe Banzi Is Dead, about a man who commits a necessary act of identity theft. BAM Harvey Theatre, 651 Fulton Street, 212-636-4100

Les Liaisons Dangereuses
Starts April 11

Technological innovations have long since destroyed the epistolary novel—"I <3 you" doesn't make for much of a read. But this most famous collection of literary letters enjoys another theatrical revival. Three formidable blondes—Laura Linney, Kristine Nielsen, and newcomer Mamie Gummer—lead the cast. American Airlines Theatre, 227 West 42nd Street, 212-719-1300

Caddy will smell of trees at New York Theatre Workshop.
Ariana Smart Truman
Caddy will smell of trees at New York Theatre Workshop.

Top Girls
Starts April 15

Sure, Pope Joan and Patient Griselda are very impressive ladies. But can they top Elizabeth Marvel and Martha Plimpton? Those actresses will play the famous femmes, as well as a score of other women, in this Broadway revival of Caryl Churchill's 1982 play. Biltmore Theatre, 261 West 47th Street, 212-239-6200

Steve and Idi
Starts April 23

Idi Amin once said: "I myself consider myself the most powerful figure in the world." But is he qualified to give relationship advice? In David Grimm's comedy, it's the African dictator, or a hallucination of him, that Steve turns to when his boyfriend deserts him. Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, 224 Waverly Place, 212-868-4444

Starts May 6

This biography of artist Louise Nevelson should have debuted during Edward Albee's Signature season a few years ago, but the illness of star Anne Bancroft prevented it. Now, Mercedes Ruehl has agreed to slip on Nevelson's smock. Pam MacKinnon directs. Signature Theater, 555 West 42nd Street, 212-244-7529

Starts May 7

There are thousands of varieties of frogs and nearly as many translations and adaptations of the Aristophanes comedy of the same name. Director David Herskovits and playwright David Greenspan offer the latest, which features an amphibian chorus. Classic Stage Company, 136 East 13th Street, 212-352-3101

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