Meat Loaf's In Search of Paradise

Overflowing with Chris Farley proportions

Dennis Quaid and Meat: This is a harbinger of the documentary's identifiable low point.
Dennis Quaid and Meat: This is a harbinger of the documentary's identifiable low point.


In Search of Paradise
Directed by Bruce David Klein
Voom HD Pictures
Now playing, IFC Center
Staggeringly inessential if never unwatchable, In Search of Paradise offers a backstage pass to the first leg of Meat Loaf's 2007 "Seize the Night" tour. The 59-year-old septillion-platinum star dutifully pushes a new album by disinterring the back catalog and lumbering back onstage (wearing . . . a Chargers jersey with a collared shirt underneath) to shake his jowls at hockey coliseums packed with sozzled Canucks. That Mr. Loaf has been a potent showman is little evidenced by anything shown of his traveling floorshow here (advised viewing is The Old Grey Whistle Test DVD, in which a ’70s-vintage Meat, of overflowing Chris Farley proportions, duets with Carla DeVito on an epic, exhausting “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”). The non-conflict that develops into the backbone of the doc is the "controversial" current staging of “Paradise,” in which he’s dry-humped by a petite backup singer. "I think Meat thrives on taking big risks creatively," attests the obligatorily admiring co-star, regarding his inspiration to do the number in a throwback longhair wig. Cranky Loaf gulps his vitamins and makes a show of forbearing the shooting of this puff piece (an interviewee earnestly likens him to Falstaff and Cyrano). Identifiable low point: Dennis Quaid coming onstage to totally dork it up during a rendition of "Gloria."
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