Hillary Attack Ads For the Obama Team

Some free tips on ad strategies for Barack's spring offensive

Closing title: "What will he do this time in the Oval Office?"

Ad #3: Opening: Photo montage of explosions and carnage in Iraq. Dissolve to exterior shot of Capitol Building, then camera pans along Senate office hallway, stopping at door with brass nameplate: Senator Hillary R. Clinton. Title overlay with dateline: "Washington, D.C., 2002." Inside, an aide knocks on door of senator's inner office, then opens it a crack.

"Senator, Bob Graham called to remind you to make sure you read that National Intelligence Estimate report on Iraq, the one he says shows Bush is hyping all that stuff about Saddam and the weapons of mass destruction."

Target: Clinton
Scott Olson/Getty Images
Target: Clinton

Clinton's voice, heard from within: "Oh gosh, I forgot. Can't we have someone go down and take a look for me? Take some notes? I'm swamped."

The aide, leaning inside the door, addressing an unseen Clinton: "Oh, I wish we could but, y'know, it's classified. Senators only."

Clinton's voice: "Well, for gosh sakes. I can't just drop everything. Besides, he said it's 90 pages long. It'll take me hours."

Aide: "OK, no sweat. Just wanted to let you know he'd called."

Cut to clip of Clinton speaking at the January 30 debate in Los Angeles: "Certainly I did an enormous amount of investigation and due diligence to try to determine what, if any, threat could flow from the history of Saddam Hussein being both an owner of, and a seeker of, weapons of mass destruction."

Voiceover: "Due diligence? Senator Bob Graham was so disturbed after reading the classified intelligence report that he decided to vote 'No' on the Iraq war. Clinton never read the report. And she voted for the war."

Fade to shot of Senator Obama, seated in Kennedy-esque rocking chair, reading late at night in a pool of golden lamplight. A pile of big heavy books is beside him.

Closing title: "Obama: He's diligent. And he loves to read."

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