Gerald Kelly

Denver, Colorado

Old Father Hubbard

Re Tony Ortega's 'What to Get L. Ron Hubbard for His Birthday' [villagevoice.com, March 11]: I must say I have seen some vitriolic pieces leveled at Scientology, but this is one without comparison.

If I felt inclined, I would spend a few moments to weigh in on the statements made. I would show line by line the contradiction and hubris of the author. However, it was an article of such offensiveness and poor taste that I merely wish to express my disbelief that this ever got on your site. I wondered to myself if the editor approved this before it was published. [Note: Ortega is the Voice's editor in chief.]

To see someone revel in such an attack upon another's religion cannot help but stir pictures of the other bigoted activity to which humankind is prone.

John Stevens

via e-mail

Well, it may be a little brutal to discover you're a "bearded older guy," but I guess that like everything else Ortega wrote in his piece about Anonymous, it's true. Thanks so much for the great article.

Mark Bunker

San Diego, California

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