A new space for film and art comes to Brooklyn

The city is not lacking for spots to see experimental cinema, rare documentaries, or multimedia performances. But for all of those things and more under one roof, the Light Industry, a brand-new 1,250-square-foot space co-founded by Thomas Beard (former program director of Ocularis) and film critic Ed Halter in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park, is expected to be a choice hangout this spring for fans of underground film and art. Stop in every Tuesday for its weekly program, hosted by a different artist, curator, or critic, including former Voice film editor Dennis Lim, musician Nick Hallett, and digital artist Cory Arcangel. Tonight’s inaugural event features a range of short films and a rare screening of Michael Gitlin’s 1996 film Berenice, about life in a decaying upstate New York utopian community in the 1830s. Next week’s program features silent comics and early porn.
Tue., March 25, 8 p.m., 2008
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