Grupo Corpo and Emanuel Gat: Doing Reps

Two choreographers turn ordeal and emotion into design

Certainly Gat is adept at manipulating space. Almost in defiance of the dogged, thudding, evenly paced movement texture, he leads your gaze in and out of clusters, makes your eyes dart here or there, causes you to focus on various of the strong, committed dancers: Alexis Jestin, Mia Alon, Maeva Berthelot, David Gernez, Gimelshtein, Tiller, Shavit, and Assaf. The audience claps vigorously, and some fervent spectators rise to their feet. Dancing as ordeal. Bravo the survivors! These performers aren't as slick as Pederneiras's, but they execute every move with skill and ardor. The choreography may trample Mozart, but possibly, inside their heads, his music is singing.  

Killingly arduous: Grupo Corpo's Breu
Julieta Cervantes
Killingly arduous: Grupo Corpo's Breu


Grupo Corpo
BAM Howard Gilman Opera House
March 25 through 29

Emanuel Gat Dance
Joyce Theater
March 25 through 30

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