China's Blood-Splattered Olympics

The butcher of Tibet, and America's sporting president

If there are blackouts of demonstrations during the games, can we count on our own freedom-loving president to publicly chastise his friend, Hu Jintao? It doesn't seem likely: The White House announced on March 26 that China's crackdown in Tibet "was not cause for [President Bush] to cancel" his visit.

The day before, in Greece, at the start of the 85,000-mile torch-relay route to the Beijing Olympics ("Light the Passion, Share the Dream"is its slogan), three members of Reporters Without Borders broke through the massive security forces and ran onto the field carrying black flags. They were eventually "detained," but not before they'd made their point.

Watching the spectacle was IOC chairman Jacques Rogge. He did not applaud. He already knew that Hans-Gert Pöttering, president of the European Parliament, has told the E.U.'s member nations to consider boycotting the Olympics—an idea whose time has come!

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