'24' Star Won't Shave Her Privates!

Direct hits on Abu Ghraib, some close shaves, and frank talk about that Foster parent

Promoting her "family film" Nim's Island all over the place, Jodie has talked endlessly about her kids, still weirdly portraying herself as a single mom who is too analytical for romance. And the media is every bit as terrified to delve further into the topic as she is. At a recent screening, I overheard a reporter saying he was going to interview Jodie, so I nervily chimed in: "Are you going to ask her about her Cydney remark?" The excuses he came up with not to do so were beyond those offered by Dubya for not pulling out of Iraq. He: "If I ask her that, she'll hang up." Me: "Maybe. But she made that remark to the world." He: "No, she didn't. Someone picked it up." Me: "A lot of people picked it up. She said it at a power luncheon in front of major people. It's not like she was wiretapped." He: "Do you think she knew it would be picked up?" Me: "Yeah! She went to Yale!" He: "But her publicist will hate me and the studio will never invite me to another movie." Me: "But she said it! Why can't you just ask her to elaborate? Do it as your final question." "But he'll get fired!" his friend chimed in, practically having a heart attack. I left with a deeper understanding of the way journalists, flacks, and stars conspire to keep certain things so tidily wrapped up. For Jodie, eccentric glamour clearly means keeping her beautiful Cydney locked in the closet with all her other rusty accessories.

But hold onto your crotch razors! Some private stuff about a public figure is trying to come out, albeit with less credibility than my attempt to be bisexual back in college. Let me explain. As a gossip columnist and trash target, I get all sorts of wacky e-mails, many of them as spun out of pure air and sugar as circus cotton candy. Well, I just got one that really tickled me, because it comes off like either a lame joke or an amusingly desperate attempt to tarnish the leading Democratic contender's chances. Riddled with misspellings (which I've corrected), it reads: "Hello, Mr. Musto. I'm a transgendered male to female. My name is Lupe. I was with Barack Obama in 2004. He was very nice to me. I was an escort at the time. But since I'm not legally here in this U.S., I can't say too much. I'm from Mexico. He told me he would help me with my citizenship, but he flaked on me. So I guess you can call this karma. Thanks. Lupe."

I showed the e-mail to a friend, and her savvy response was: "Huh? When did Hillary start calling herself Lupe?"

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