Amy Poehler Pops

Talking with the Baby Mama star

Thank you. We took a trip to Airbrush City—I don't know if you've ever been there, but you come out and you look amazing. So, continue—I'm naturally pretty . . .

Since then, your former SNL-mate Rachel Dratch told New York that she felt excluded, and there was a great deal of discussion on the blog Jezebel about how women are only allowed to be considered funny if they're also conventionally pretty. Do you think that's true?

Here's what I think about Rachel Dratch: I think she's a fucking comedy genius. She's one of my best friends, and most people who know Dratch's work feel the same way—that it's only a matter of time before Rachel Dratch OWNS Vanity Fair. I tend to not read nor listen when other people talk about other people's looks. That list is what it is. At the end of the day, it's always about who's funny.  

Along those lines, Baby Mama is basically a female-female buddy comedy, which is so rare that I can't even think of another example.  

Yeah! Right on! I'm glad you say that—it's exactly what we were going for. We wanted it to be as much Wedding Crashers as it was Working Girl—something that felt just like two buddies having a fun time. It was us getting to do comedy in a way that didn't necessarily have to be specific to "lady comedy." Not that I even know what that is, since I am a lady. You're going to like our next buddy movie. We're going to do Cagney & Lacey.

Who's Cagney, who's Lacey?

You'll have to go to the movie to find out.  

And until then?

SNL's going to be finishing up at the end of May. I'm not really sure yet what I'm going to be doing for the summer . . . It's been an intense couple of months, so I may, like, I don't know—watch a lot of hour-long dramas. I'm gonna go super-green this summer, and I'm going to . . . [long pause] . . . change some minds. I know that sounds super-vague, but you'll see it when I do it. Oh, and I'm going to perform a one-woman show on the subway, and just go car to car all summer. I love being on the subway when it's hot. And I'm just going to do really serious, long monologues up and down the subway.  

Did you read that article that just won a Pulitzer, about the famous violinist Joshua Bell busking in a D.C. subway station?

I know! And they were wondering how much money he was going to make if he did play, and they thought there would be a giant crowd—people would gather, and there would be photographers—and he made, like, $35. So I'm going to do a bit like that where I'm going to stand in Grand Central Station and do bits on a violin. I can play the violin so it sounds like you're telling jokes. I want that goddamn Pulitzer.

Do you actually ride the subway?

Yeah, it's the best way to get around, especially if you're going to midtown. We work [in Rockefeller Center], and the minute the Christmas tree goes up at the end of November, we're just like, "Fuck, goddamn it, from now until February it's going to be madness." I usually take the 1/9, or sometimes the B/D/F/V. I just wrap myself in my Baby Mama blanket, and Tina and I get on the subway and hope people recognize us.

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