The Montrevil parents were objectified. The reader had no sense that they are activists who have been working to help families in the same situation for years. In Families for Freedom (where the wife serves as a board member), they began helping organize field trips for youths devastated by the deportation of family members; lobbying congressional offices; doing know-your-rights presentations to educate targeted immigrants; and giving lectures to sensitize middle-class audiences. They have received vital support from many groups, not just the New Sanctuary Movement committee. The Montrevils have worked tirelessly to educate faith leaders, and they say this work is sometimes a full-time job. I think that the focus of the article on government policy and the question of criminal records led to scrutinizing Jean in an unbalanced way.

Finally, life exile is a punishment second only to death. Even if someone has been convicted of a crime, do you really think that being rubber-stamped out of America is not cruel and unusual? Thanks for covering these urgent issues. I look forward to future articles on deportation—America's cruelest civil proceeding.

Aarti Shahani

Board member, Families for Freedom

Instructor, New York University

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